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"Den Dämonen Nahrung geben": Emotionen Transformieren

Vom 2. – 4. November 2018 biete ich zusammen mit Nicole Spencer (RYT Yogalehrerin) einen Workshop im Karuna Haus, Toggenburg (CH) an, bei dem wir die beiden Methoden «Das Nähren der Dämonen» und «Yoga» kombinieren: Auf subtilste Weise erforschen wir unsere Widerstände und Emotionen im Körper beim Yoga und arbeiten mit ihnen im 5-Schritte-Prozess, beim Malen, in der Stille und in der Natur. – Die Ausschreibung zum Workshop ist in Englisch, der Workshop wird in Englisch/Deutsch gehalten ja nach TeilnehmerInnen. Willkommen! Für weitere Fragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung.

Nov 2nd (evening) – Nov 4th (noon) 2018


Karuna Haus, Toggenburg (CH)


Nicole Spencer (RYT Yoga teacher, Co-Active Professional Life Coach and Certified Essential Oils Coach) and

Annalis Prendina (Therapist, teacher of Buddhism and meditation).

Seminar fee: SFR. 250.-

Housing and board: SFR. 92.- to SFR. 132.- / day

The workshop will be held in English/German according to participants; no prerequisites.

Mehr Informationen auf dem Download unten!

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A weekend workshop for people who would like to explore the relationship between body and emotions:


Emotions are coming and going by nature. They dissolve like clouds in the sky. Yet sometimes there are compulsive thoughts forming around them. Not only do we start holding on to these thoughts but also the resistance of letting go starts building body patterns directly linked to those stuck emotions. And these body patterns are usually holding a lot of energy binding our life force. This can limit our abilities in life and even result in illness over the long term.

“Feeding our demons rather than fighting them contradicts the conventional approach of fighting against whatever assails us. But it turns out to be a remarkably effective path to inner integration. Demons are not bloodthirsty ghouls waiting for us in dark corners. Demons are within us. They are energies we experience every day, such as fear, illness, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship difficulties, and addiction. - Anything that drains our energy and blocks us from being completely awake is a demon.” - Lama Tsultrim Allione




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